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Events are server side Javascript that can add additional functionality to a page. Events can serve as a useful way to implement logic to a logicless Dust template.

      addAuthorInformation.js      # an Event file

Global Events

In the main configuration file:

globalEvents: [

Preload Events

In a page specification file:

"preloadEvents": [

Filter Events

In a datasource specification file:

"filterEvent": "filterevent-one"

Use case: A developer would like count how many people clicked on a ‘plus’ button.

To achieve this he has to create a new event and attach it to the page where he has the ‘plus’ button.

The developer then implements a code in the event which will look for specific event (i.e. POST buttonpressed) and inside this he will increase a counter stored in a text file.

The developer then returns the updated counter number from the event which is made accessible within the Dust template.

Events are added to pages in the page specification.

  "page": {
    "name": "Book Reviews",
    "description": "A collection of book reviews.",
    "language": "en"
  "settings": {
    "cache": true
  "route": "/reviews",
  "template": "book-reviews.dust",
  "datasources": [
  "events": [

Sample event file

 * <Event Description>
 * @param {IncomingMessage} req -
 * @param {ServerResponse} res -
 * @param {object} data - contains the data already loaded by the page's datasources and any previous events that have fired
 * @param {function} callback - call back to the controller with two arguments, `err` and the result of the event processing
var Event = function (req, res, data, callback) {
  var result = {}

  if (data.books && data.books.results) {
    result = {
      title: data.books.results[0].title
  else {
    result = {
      title: "Not found"

  // return a null error and the result
  callback(null, result)

module.exports = function (req, res, data, callback) {
  return new Event(req, res, data, callback)

module.exports.Event = Event

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